Advanced Court Practices Moot Court Programme


  • Masterclasses 5+
  • Duration 10 months
  • Skill level Beginner
  • Language English
  • Students 55+
Programme Description

The Advanced Court Practices Moot Court Programme is a comprehensive form of legal education aimed at offering participants a pragmatic approach to learning critical legal skills. Participants will be required to represent fictional clients in an actual mediation and court setting.

The Programme is open to students pursuing a law-related qualification at any accredited South African institution of Higher Learning.

Hypothetical Case

The hypothetical case constains the dispute that you are required to help resolve. It contains vital facts that form the conerstone of this year's programme. Prospective participants MUST ensure that they download this document as its contents will enable you to succesfully participate in the programme.

Legal Procedure

The Programme exposes students to mediation, High Court, and Supreme Court litigation. It is specifically structured to help law students practically understand the procedures applicable to matters reffered to mediation, the High Court, and the Supreme Court of Appeal.

Act as Counsel

The Programme affords law students an opportunity to act as counsel in Mediation, High Court, and Supreme Court of Appeal proceedings. Students will learn how to present submissions before judges, answer questions from the bench, and other soft and technical skills required when making oral submissions.

Legal Drafting

The law students will be responsible for drafting all the necessary documents required to refer a matter to a relevant court/tribunal.Participating students will learn how to draft documents such as, among others, a Notice of Motion and Founding Affidavit, Rule 41A Notices, Answering and Replying Affidavit, and Heads of Argument.

Programme Phases

The Programme is split into three phases:
- Runs from 13 May to 28 August 2022
- Runs from 1 December 2022 to 18 February 2023
- Runs from 1 March to 4 May 2023


  • Phase 1 - Mediation
    • Registration Period
      13 May - 30 June
    • Deadline 1: Notice of Motion & Founding Affidavit, + Rule 41A Notice
      18 July
    • Deadline 2: Notice of Intention to Oppose + Rule 41A Notice
      28 July
    • Deadline 3: Joint Minute in terms of Rule 41A(4)(a)
      6 August
    • Deadline 4: Agreement to Mediate
      12 August
    • Mediation: Mediation Virtual Oral Round
      25 - 27 August
    • Deadline 5: Notice in terms of Rule 41A(7)(a) (OPTIONAL)
      28 August
    • Deadline 6: Notice in terms of Rule 41A(8)(b) and (c)
      29 Aug - 02 Sept.
  • Phase 2 - High Court
    • Deadline 1: Notice of Motion + Founding Affidavit
      12 December
    • Deadline 2: Answering Affidavit
      23 December
    • Deadline 3: Replying Affidavit
      30 December
    • Deadline 4: Heads of Argument (Applicant)
      20 January 2023
    • Deadline 5: Heads of Argument (Respondent)
      30 January 2023
    • High Court : High Court Virtual Oral Round
      16 - 18 February 2023
  • Phase 3 - Supreme Court of Appeal
    • Deadline 1: Notice of Motion + Founding Affidavit
      06 March 2023
    • Deadline 2: Notice of Intention to Oppose + Answering Affidavit
      13 March 2023
    • Deadline 3: Replying Affidavit
      20 March 2023
    • Deadline 4: Heads of Argument (Appealant)
      10 April 2023
    • Deadline 5: Heads of Argument (Respondent)
      17 April 2023
    • SCA: Supreme Court of Appeal Virtual Oral Round
      02 - 04 May 2023

Masterclass Presenters:

Laura Mbhalati

Adv. Mbhalati is an established Advocate specialising in various legal practice areas. Prior to completing her pupilage under the JSA, Adv. Mbhalati worked for various law firms heading up various legal departments.

Ian King

Ian King is the Managing Partner of a preeminent law firm in South Africa. He boasts over 25 years' experience as a commercial attorney and has extensive experience in all aspects of civil litigation.